It’s been a while!

This blog has been pretty quiet lately, huh? Let me talk about what I’ve been working on in the meantime.

I’m freelancing for Kobold Press! I was the winner of their 2015 Lethal Lairs contest, a design contest in which I created a flip mat-scale map turnover and designed an entire encounter around it. This is one of my favorite pieces of bite-sized game design, and you should look at it if you’re interested in seeing my work! My 5e design work with Kobold Press continued with Gem Dragons of Faerûn and on other projects I can’t talk about right now.

I’m still editor for EN World EN5ider. We just celebrated our first year of producing 5e-compatible RPG content back in March! This is the publication that Russ Morrissey and I basically created from the ground up together, and it’s what allowed me to get my professional start in game design. It’s incredibly dear to me.

I published Temple of Shattered Minds on DMs Guild! In a way, I owe something to this adventure for starting my professional career, even though I published it a year after I started working on EN5ider. Not only was it my first time trying to create a publishable adventure, it was one of the work samples I sent to Russ to apply for the position.

Also, I’m the editorial intern at Geek & Sundry for Spring and Summer 2016. I’ve done a ton of writing about tabletop games and RPGs for them; you can see what I’ve written here.

Coming up, I’m looking forward to going to PaizoCon for my first time this year! I hope to see you there!


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