The Adventurer’s League calls for Writers!  

The toughest part of my job as EN5ider magazine’s editor is having to turn down so much great content. Thanks to the overwhelming response from the EN World community (and the online RPG community at large), I’ve had my hands full trying to determine what articles and what writers are best for EN5ider at this moment in time, especially since we can only publish so many articles each month.

Which unfortunately means I’ve had to turn away a lot of great writers.

I have a guess why—because the bulk of the submissions I’ve received have been for adventures. Most people in the online RPG community are GMs or DMs or Storytellers, so they’re very used to creating adventures for their home groups. Many have ten, twenty, even thirty (dare I say forty?) years of experience creating adventures for their players at home.

And a lot of these adventures are great. All the same, I can only commission one adventure each month, whereas I commission at least three or four articles each month.

But if you weren’t accepted at EN5ider, hope is not lost! If your heart is set on freelancing and writing adventures for RPGs, the D&D Adventurer’s League has just sent out an open call for adventure writers. They’re trying to build their next Encounters/Expeditions season, which is a great way to break into the industry and get some writing credits!

I know I’ll be submitting to the open call. I hope you will, too.

Until next time,

—James Haeck


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